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Reliability of water supply is the main driver for drilling boreholes and the availability of mains water supply is limited in certain locations. Domestic, industrial and municipalities rely on underground water system for provision of portable water.

ECODRILLER specialises in drilling boreholes for water supply at depths up to 2000ft with ranging diameters, utilising our state of the art drilling rigs. We are indeed a leading borehole engineering company and our vast clients can attest to that fact.

At ECODRILLER, we believe that as long as there is soil below our feet, we can provide you with clean water 


Borehole Site Investigation (Geophysical and Geological Survey)

Borehole Investigation and site investigations are both essential parts of any building or engineering project. This process involves several steps, including desk study, ground or soil investigation, contamination assessments and geotechnical analysis.

Boreholes site investigation is important in determining the ground quality of the site that is being worked on. The information gathered from the analysis can help to establish the best approach when it comes to working on the site. 


After Storm Damage

The success of the water well drilling operations increasingly led to clients asking ECODRILLER to provide additional services related to water wells eventually prompting management to create a new division of the company dedicated to non-drilling services. ECODRILLER has been involved in many engineering design and constructions. 

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ECODRILLER LIMITED is an integrated water solutions and services including Design and Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Technical Support. We work closely and professionally with our client to achieve a successful project in an eco-friendly environment.

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